Staying Young Without The Surgery

Staying Young Without The Surgery

Staying Young Without The Surgery

Staying young doesn’t mean subjecting your face and body to numerous painful and expensive cosmetic surgery procedures. Staying young is all about keeping yourself looking fresh and youthful, and working with what you already got! If you are looking to give yourself a natural face lift, try out these tips below to regain that youthful glow:

Check your Lipstick

Did you know that what color or shade of lipstick you choose to wear every day can significantly age you? Some of the shades to avoid are any shades that include brown undertones. Another tip: Get rid of any matte lipsticks. As we age we do tend to develop fine lines in our lip area, and matte lipsticks tend to settle and nest into these lines, making them all the more apparent.
As an alternative, try to choose a creamier lipstick that will help conceal those fine lines, or choose a lip gloss to really make your lips appear young and glowing.

The Eyes Have It

You don’t need to go and get a brow lift if you feel that your eyes are wrinkling and your lids are sagging. The easiest way to give your eyes a quick pick me up is simply curling your eyelashes. That’s right, grab the eyelash curler and start using it every morning. Curling your eyelashes will help “open” up you eye area and make it appear larger and more youthful.

TIP:The best way to curl your eyelashes is to do so prior to applying mascara. Give the curler a quick blast from your blow dryer to help keep the curl, and then squeeze your eyelashes at the base for 10 seconds. Release and follow up with a coat or two of brown or black mascara.

Keep your Eyebrows in Order

One of the most tragic things that any woman can do to her face is over pluck her eyebrows. This is particularly true if you have over plucked eyebrows and are beyond the age of 30. If you over pluck your brows, you will need to give them some time to grow back in so you can rediscover your natural shape. You can use an eyebrow pencil and powder in the meantime to fill in any small gaps and to help redefine your shape.

Check your Posture

This may seem a bit silly, but it’s true. As we age, a lot of us tend to stoop without even realizing it. Stand tall, walk straight, and stroll with confidence! Getting old doesn’t mean getting feeble; it means you’re more wise than most of these “kids” running around in front of you. Standing tall will also help give the illusion of instantly dropping ten pounds.

Choose Creamy Cosmetics

Similar to the advice about choosing creamier lipsticks, as skin ages, you should also choose creamy blushes and eyeshadows as well. Any makeup products that are made of powder will fall into any fine lines you may have and will make them all the more apparent. Creams, on the other hand, will actually give the illusion of plumping up your skin, thereby making the wrinkles less defined or possibly even concealing them.


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